About Us

‘Fibroflex’ stands for the ultimate in quality and comfort. Fibroflex Rubberised Coir Mattresses, Pillows and Cushions are manufactured by the reputed house of ‘Bharat Motors’ for the past four decades. The factory is based at Pettai, Tirunelveli.

Fibroflex (India) Pvt. Ltd., previously known as Bharat Motors, was founded in the year 1945, as a partnership concern. Initially it began as a dealer in imported automobiles such as Oldsmoblie and Fiat cars, Bedford Trucks and automobile spare parts. Later, the trading in trucks and vehicles and their servicing were stopped while the automobile spares division alone continued till about 1985.

In 1960, Bharat Motors diversified into manufacturing rubberised coir products for the first time in the whole of South East Asia with the technology imported from the Austrian, Dr. Fehrer, who helped set up the plant in Tirunelveli in southern-most India, with a vision that it had a very huge market potential in India. The mattress pads produced from these machines are made of essentially coconut coir fibre with latex rubber sprayed on them to bond the coir fibre and impart stiffness to the mattress.

The main raw materials required for the plant, namely, coconut coir fibre and natural rubber latex were available aplenty in and around Tirunelveli and the local government was helpful in extending some infrastructure facilities like power, water etc. required for setting up of the plant in Industrial Estate. Starting with a modest turnover, the company slowly built up a popular brand in rubberised coir mattresses called ‘Fibroflex’ with varieties like pillows, cushions, carpet underlays, bath mats, various kinds of cushioning materials, air-filters used in air-conditioning equipments etc.

Basically cotton is generally used for beds in India since ages. The rubberised coir mattresses were a revolution in the Indian household, which took some time to pick up in the Indian market and in the minds of conservative Indian people. After many years of promotions through various media to convert these people into users of rubberised coir products, it has now come to stay with us permanently due to its environment and climate friendly nature.

The rubberised coir products which are similar in appearance to any ‘U’ foam or rubber foam products, are biodegradable and eco-friendly compared to the former and much cheaper in cost compared to the latter. This is the reason it has become a huge hit in the Indian market. There are more than 100 manufacturers of rubberised coir products now in India servicing the ever-growing population of India.

The rubberised coir industry, which gives employment to the rural section of the population, helps tapping of our enormous coconut plantations and encourages many young entrepreneurs to take it up. It falls under the SSI sector.

The finished mattresses, manufactured at Tirunelveli are transported to almost all the places in Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.