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10 Perfect ways to help you get a better sleep!

Sleep is essential for one’s good health but in today’s hectic world, sleep is very precious. We have listed below some tips/ways you can sleep better. BUY A NEW MATTRESS Research online before going shopping. […]


Is it good to put a mattress on the floor?

The floor can make sense for some, depending on the type of mattress, the type of flooring, the environment in your bedroom and the part of the country you live, there can be many reasons […]


Mattress Buying Guide

Do you think it’s time for a new mattress? Then there are certain things to be considered before proceeding, the first step would be to define your requirements and match it with what is available […]


How to Select the Best Mattress for a Better Sleep

Sleep is the best meditation. – Dalai Lama In today’s hectic world, sleep is a luxury that most of us crave at the end of a very busy day. How comfortable those precious hours of […]


7 Quick Tips for buying a new Mattresses

One of the main reasons that people put off buying a new mattress is that they’re afraid to making a mistake, and for good reason; mattresses are expensive and if you do make a mistake […]


Mattress Guide


How to Measure Your Mattress

How to Measure Your Mattress Size


What is a single mattress size? How big is a double size mattress? What is the width of a king size mattress? These questions always occur to us when shopping for a bed/mattress. Mattress & Bed sizes […]

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