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'Fibroflex' stands for the ultimate in quality and comfort. Fibroflex Rubberised Coir & Foam Mattresses, Pillows and Cushions are manufactured by the reputed house of 'Bharat Motors' for the past five decades. We are pioneers in manufacturing Rubberised Coir, starting in 1960. We are now entering the online store business with our product range so that customers can buy mattress online, pillow, bed sheets and cushions. At the heart of Fibroflex is a commitment to help customers improve their quality of sleep and lifestyle through hand picked bedding and mattress choices. We are one of the premium mattress brands from Chennai & Tamil Nadu.
Quality is the bedrock foundation upon which our mattress store line business and service parameters are based. To ensure round the clock assistance to our customers, we have set up a customer care unit which can be reached through phone, email or social media. All your concerns will be addressed and attended to unconditionally.
Our online mattress store is decked with sleeping comforts of all sizes and ranges; from king sized mattresses to crib beddings for babies, we have it all stocked. We aim to offer our customers all kinds of mattress online including memory foam, latex, coir, orthopaedic and much more. Whatever your mattress requirement is, we have a product offering matching it.

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Wish to own best mattress in Chennai? Want to buy mattress online for your master bedroom, kids room or guest room? And you don't know which mattress or mattress material / type is best for you? Want to buy pillow or cushion online and want to know which pillow suits your sleep posture and body care? Fibroflex - one of the best mattress brand in Chennai & Tamil Nadu, gives you the best options for your mattresses, pillows, cushions, bed linens that not only takes good care of your body but also suits best in your bed rooms or living rooms. Read more...

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